We are open for our annual contest issue December 1st-February 2nd!

 Additionally, we are open year round for our blog submissions!

Reading Periods
December 1st  for Contest Issue

These dates are subject to changes each year, but are listed at: http://www.sotospeakjounal.org/contests

For more information, please visit http://www.sotospeakjournal.org

Purchase So to Speak's 2016-2017 contest issue. 

Winners of this year's contests are 
  • Poetry: Anita Olivia Koester-- "Tapestry with Drunken Elk"
  • Fiction: Kelley Ann Bell-- "Resurrection Man"
  • Nonfiction: Deb Jannerson-- "Scarring"
  • Visual Art: Nahid Navab
Also featured in this issue: Flower Conroy, Jennifer Marie Donahue, Jessica Lee, GG Silverman
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Ends on November 30, 2018$6.00