We are open for submissions to our Limited Series: Boundaries until January 28th . Please note that  current students/affiliates of George Mason University's MFA program, and GMU MFA graduates who are within 5 years of graduating, aren't permitted to apply. If you have been published on our website before, please wait at least one calendar year before submitting again. If you have been featured in our contest issue, please wait at least two calendar years before submitting to another contest with us.

Please note we only accept previously unpublished work for all categories. Please do not send us a piece you have sent us before unless we ask to see another version.

Blog submissions are open year-round. Please submit book reviews, essays, event reporting, etc. See our website for additional submission information. It's always a good idea to read a few of our blog posts (outside of a limited series) for a sense of what we're looking for. 

For more information, please visit http://www.sotospeakjournal.org. 

Our Spring 2021 Issue of So to Speak is available for purchase as a digital PDF for $3.99! The work in this issue was selected by judges Natalie Lima (Fiction), Sophia Shalmiyev (Nonfiction), Roya Marsh (Poetry), and Sheilah & Dani ReStack (Art). From the issue's Letter from the Editor, written by Editor-in-Chief Kyra Kondis: The pieces in this issue are bursting with life and emotion. They depict love and beauty, as well as loss and grief; they examine identity, and challenge stereotypes and prejudices; they explore trauma, healing, and the messy spaces in between; they are authentic and defiant and a breathtaking body of work. I am incredibly grateful for our contributors, whose careful, complex, and creative pieces are as compelling as they are important.

To receive a print hard-copy of the contest issue, you can select the add-on of "mail me a print copy!" for just an extra $6! (We'll even throw a back issue or two in with your order, free of charge.) 



The So to Speak Blog team has been inspired by such artists as Cheryl Strayed and Ryan Van Meter. Cheryl Strayed’s vulnerable, but incredibly distinct voice sustains you as you read about her struggle with drug abuse and the loss of a parent. Ryan Van Meter’s narrative storytelling and his sentence-level craft carry us through his work as he explores his identity as a gay man. We love work that explores the complexities of experiences and identities, work that lends itself to a larger meaning in every aspect.

The So to Speak Blog is unique in that it opens itself up to multiple forms of storytelling. We love the poetry, essays, and short stories we receive and we encourage artists to continue to submit pieces that fall into those genres. However, we want to see more work that bends form and genre, work that extends outside of the personal essay or the traditional poem, and work that is visually stimulating. Hybrid works, reviews, interviews, and visual art are welcomed submissions. We also would love to see more multimedia, like videos and podcasts, on the So to Speak Blog. In summary, we want to see art that tells a story in an exciting way and gives us a new perspective.

While we enjoy reading all of the pieces we receive and sincerely thank everyone who shares their work, a lot of submissions explore similar topics and issues through a similar lens. These topics include: motherhood, womanhood, sexual assault/rape, and misogyny. While these are all important to bring into conversation and can definitely be discussed in submissions, So to Speak’s mission is to explore the intersections of feminism, identity, and culture. We wish to see pieces that go deeper, offer new perspectives, and flip what has been considered the “literary canon” on its head.

Some topics we would love to see more of include: positive perspectives on gender, especially from transgender and non-binary artists, toxic masculinity, mental health, disability/ableism, and sexuality. And to go along with our mission, we love submissions that explore different intersections, like race and motherhood, economic status and healthcare, gender and immigration, and more.

If you are submitting Visual Art: (1) All submissions must be in .jpg, .tif, or .png formats at 300 dpi; (2) Please label each file as LastName_Title; (3) You may submit up to 5 pieces of artwork in a single entry; (4) Please include the dimensions (if applicable), the medium (if applicable), and an artist statement with a brief description of the submission.

Nonfiction and Fiction pieces should not exceed 1,200 words. Please submit one document (doc., docx., or pdf. files) with a single prose piece. All prose submissions should be double-spaced with numbered pages. Poetry submissions should not exceed 8 pages. Please submit one document (doc., docx., or pdf. files) with up to 3 poems. Hybrid work should not exceed 10 pages. Please submit one document (doc., docx., or pdf. files) with a single hybrid piece. Reviews and Interviews should not exceed 1,500 words. Please submit one document (doc., docx., or pdf. files) with a single review or interview. 

Videos and Podcasts can be variable in length, but should not exceed 20 minutes. Please include a brief summary/artist statement, to be published alongside your video or podcast should we accept your submission. Closed captions are required for videos, and typed transcripts are required for podcasts. Please be sure you have permission to use whatever media (sound, music, visuals, etc.) you incorporate into your video or podcast submission. Video submission will be uploaded in our YouTube account should we accept your submission for publication. Per their guidelines, “YouTube does not set a minimum resolution but recommends a resolution of at least 1280x720 for video that has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of at least 640x480 for video that has a 4:3 aspect ratio.” We accept .mp3 and .wav file types for audio submissions and .mp4, .mov, and .mpg file types for video submissions. Please submit high-quality video and audio for consideration -- submissions with excessive background noise, issues with lighting or resolution, poor sound quality, etc. will not be selected for publication. If you have questions about your video or audio submission, please send us an email titled “Blog - Video/Audio Submission Question” prior to submitting. 

In addition to your submission, we’ll ask you to submit:

  • A Cover Letter that includes your name, address, phone number, email address, how you heard about So to Speak, and brief bio describing your background as a writer or artist and any applicable awards or publications.
  • A brief description of how you see your piece(s) (implicitly or explicitly) fitting into our intersectional feminist mission.

The So to Speak blog is now accepting submissions for its newest limited series! We invite writers to submit creative work and craft essays that explore boundaries through an intersectional lens. There are many ways to approach writing about this issue, so we’ve provided a few potential prompts that we hope will provide you with a starting point:

What does it mean to be mindful of space? What does it mean to occupy a space? What does it look like to exist freely? How do you set boundaries for yourself and others? How do you navigate physical boundaries, such as borders? What about intangible boundaries, such as languages? In what instances can boundaries help, rather than hinder? In what ways can an individual’s identity create boundaries or limit their access to/presence in spaces?

Submissions should consist of no more than 2,000 words of prose or 3 poems, and should be double-spaced with numbered pages (poems do not have to adhere to this formatting). We would also be excited to receive multimedia creative work. This could take the form of audio, spoken word, a mix of visual art and text, or anything else that you can think of. Please submit individual entries as LastName_Title, a brief description of the submission, and a brief artist’s bio. Simultaneous submissions are also welcomed, provided you notify us promptly if the piece has been published elsewhere.

So to Speak is humbled to share an online space with writers and artists who seek to produce thought-provoking work that engages diversity and inclusion. We can't wait to hear from you!

Because our University's offices are restricted due to COVID19, shipping may be slightly delayed; our team is still filling orders periodically! 

Our Spring 2020 Issue of So to Speak is available for purchase! The work in this issue was selected by judges Anita Felicelli (Fiction), Angela Pelster (Nonfiction), t'ai freedom ford (Poetry), and Sarah Irvin (Art).

From the issue's Letter from the Editor, written by Editor-in-Chief Kristen Greiner: The works within these pages turn preconceived notions on their heads. They push back against prejudice, dismantle oppressive power structures, and strive to create agency in situations where it often isn’t found. From familial bonds to significant others, relationship dynamics are challenged and explored in new and exciting ways. The implications of violence, the traumas it creates, and its impacts on society permeate the pieces in this issue. They can be hard to read and hear, but do not look away; it is important to shine a light on these matters. I am thankful that our contributors examine them in such thoughtful and compelling ways.

With your purchase, you will receive two back issues of So to Speak! We can't wait for you to enjoy.

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