We are currently open for submissions.

So to Speak is open for submissions to our Blog Series on Immigration from September 17th - October 1st. See the form below for more details. 

So to Speak will open for submissions to our printed contest issue on October 1st. Contest issue submissions will close on December 1st. Judge details and submission fee information to be announced. 

So to Speak will open for submissions to our online summer issue around the beginning of February. Check back for more updates.

Additionally, we are open year round for our general blog submissions. 

For more information, please visit http://www.sotospeakjournal.org. 

Following our #MeToo limited series, the So to Speak blog invites writers of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid works, as well as visual artists, to submit work in response to the current attitude and actions taken toward immigrants in Trump’s America. We welcome points of views from immigrants, refugees in America, children and family of immigrants, people who have experienced deportation or detention, Dreamers, green card/VISA holders, or more and invite them to share their experiences coming to a new country through art and stories.  

Any and all narratives and perspectives on the topics of immigration, identity, deportation, detention, xenophobia, and more are welcome. What we are not seeking are pieces with hate speech, xenophobic rants, or opinions. Our goal is to share literary works that explore experiences and identity, and open a nuanced, reflective dialogue. Submissions should consist of no more than 2,000 words of prose, no more than 3 poems, or no more than 3 pieces of visual art. Hybrid or multi-genre work are welcomed. Fiction and nonfiction submissions should be double spaced with numbered pages and visual art must be in jpg or tif formats at 300 dpi. Please submit individual entries as LastName_Title, and include dimensions if applicable, the materials used as applicable, a brief description of the submission, and a brief artist’s bio. Multiple submissions are also welcomed, providing you notify us promptly if the piece has been published elsewhere.

So to Speak is humbled to share an online space with writers and artists who seek to produce thought-provoking work that engages diversity and inclusion. We can't wait to hear from you!

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