Please note that  current students/affiliates of George Mason University's MFA program, and GMU MFA graduates who are within 5 years of graduating, aren't permitted to apply. If you have been published by us before, please wait at least one calendar year before submitting again. 

Please note we only accept previously unpublished work for all categories. Please do not send us a piece you have sent us before unless we ask to see another version.

Blog submissions are open year-round. Please submit book reviews, essays, event reporting, etc. See our website for additional submission information. It's always a good idea to read a few of our blog posts (outside of a limited series) for a sense of what we're looking for. 

We offer fee-free submissions for Black and indigenous writers. This will be available as a separate form when submissions are open. 

If you are not a Black or Indigenous writer and the submission fee presents a financial hardship, please email us at for a fee waiver.

For more information, please visit our submissions page.


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