Ends on April 18, 2019

So to Speak is looking for short stories and flash fiction pieces that engage, challenge, and surprise us. We are dedicated to So to Speak’s intersectional feminist mission, and we prefer to read works that align (explicitly or implicitly) with that mission. We particularly love stories that tackle multiple intersections and allow us to hear points of view that are not often heard.

We’re inspired by many great feminist authors doing important work—for instance, we love the stories of Carmen Maria Machado, who uses the speculative and the surreal to investigate the lives of women and the complex stories of their bodies. We also admire novelist Tayari Jones, who brilliantly captures complex intersections with beautiful, thoughtful prose and a distinct voice; and Gillian Flynn, who unflinchingly examines the darkness and violence of her female characters in fresh and captivating ways.

So to Speak has seen many stories that reflect the perspective of white, cisgender, heterosexual women. While this perspective is not necessarily a bad one, it is a perspective that is often featured in fiction. We would love to see more works that challenge this hegemony and feature voices and stories that are not typically heard.

What we most want to read are stories that approach intersectional feminism in new and exciting ways, that add to and further the conversation. We want stories that see tried-and-true topics—motherhood, coming of age, assault—in new ways, and stories that see fresh topics—immigration, sexuality, disability—in new ways, too.

In short, we’re looking for work that both engages with So to Speak’s intersectional feminist mission and engages us on a craft level. What happens in that space is up to you. Thank you for submitting! We’re so excited to see what you have to show us.

In your submission, please upload and enter the following information:

  • A single doc., docx., or pdf. file with a single prose fiction piece. Your submission should not exceed 4,000 words. All fiction submissions should be double-spaced with numbered pages.
  • A Cover Letter that includes your name, address, phone number, email address, how you heard about So to Speak, and brief bio describing your background as a writer or artist and any applicable awards or publications. 
  • A brief description of how you see your piece (implicitly or explicitly) fitting into our intersectional feminist mission.

 Please only submit once. Additional submissions beyond your first one will not be considered for publication. 

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