Ends on April 18, 2019


To find work that we admire, look to the work of Elizabeth Brina in our 2018 Contest Issue. Her essay blends a collective narrative with the individual story of her parents. Outside of our journal, we love the world of Elissa Washuta, a writer whose work encompasses intergenerational ties and the trauma we carry in our lineage. We love experimental forms, and blended essays that look to the smallness to get at the largeness of theme and their respective topics.

While we love to read about a spread of topics, we often receive multiple submissions which explore the same topics in similar angles over and over again. Some of these are: birth, breastfeeding, sexual assault, rants against [insert topic here], and on the male/female divide. While it is perfectly okay to include these topics in a piece about something bigger, we hope that the scope of your nonfiction work will approach these topics from new angles, and offer new perspectives and ideas on the topic in a literary lens.

Areas where we don’t receive enough content, that we would LOVE to read about in fresh and effective ways are: toxic masculinity, mental health, and positive perspectives on sexuality. We also love work that occupies multiple intersections (addresses race and gender, or perhaps Socioeconomic Status and incarceration, or sexual identity and immigration or… you get it).

 In your submission, please upload and enter the following information: 

  • A single doc., docx., or pdf. file with up one nonfiction piece. Your submission should not exceed 4,000 words. All submission should be double-spaced with numbered pages.  
  • A Cover Letter that includes your name, address, phone number, email address, how you heard about So to Speak, and brief bio describing your background as a writer or artist and any applicable awards or publications. 
  • A brief description of how you see your piece (implicitly or explicitly) fitting into our intersectional feminist mission.

  Please only submit once. Additional submissions beyond your first one will not be considered for publication.

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