Ends on April 18, 2019

So to Speak Journal is looking for art which is implicitly or explicitly intersectionally feminist. Whether you are a classically trained painter, sculptor, photographer; graphic designer, digital artist; or a self taught artist you are welcome and encouraged to submit. Visual art should be accessible to all people and the work of those who have been historically marginalized must be upheld in the canon—this is essential So to Speak’s mission. There are numerous artists we love, but there are a few artists whose work we’d like to highlight as work that embodies So to Speak’s mission as example:

Sculptor Leilah Babirye crafts incredible and innovative structures out of reclaimed objects—welding, weaving, whittling, and assembling pieces which address and challenge tradition, cultural identity, gender, and power structures.

Instagram digital illustrator and typographer, Hello My Name is Wednesday is an incredible queer activist. Their work is a visual delight, which captures an unbreakably hopeful and resilient spirit.

Kehinde Wiley creates highly naturalistic portraits with ornate floral backdrops which often parallel historical portraits in modern settings. His work purposefully disrupts the tropes of traditional portrait painting and examine critically the intersections of gender and race.

We often see submissions which interpret So to Speak’s mission to be solely about the cis-woman’s body. This interoperation leaves out the experiences and work of so many artists. We would love more submissions that examine multiple intersections of identity or go beyond acknowledging the commodification of cis-women’s bodies—or if this is what the art is focused on, to go beyond the generalizations around these ideas. We’d love to see more work which is explicitly activist in tone or subject. We’d love to see more visual art in a diversity of mediums.

One thing that all submissions must have is quality photos or renderings of the work. It is absolutely essential that the resolution, lighting, and framing of the piece is ready to print or publish online. It pains us to have to turn down what looks like incredible art due to image quality issues. If you need help photographing your art, here is a helpful article titled “How To Take Great Photos Of Your Artwork.”

We are open to any form of artwork. Past issues have included photography, sketches, paintings, digital media, and images of various installations and sculpture. In your submission, please upload and enter the following information:   

  • All submissions must be in jpg or tif formats at 300 dpi. Please label each file as LastName_Title. 
  • You may submit up to 5 pieces of artwork in a single entry. You may enter multiple submissions (ex: 2 submission packets of 5 art pieces), so long as you pay the submission fee each time. 
  • Dimensions if applicable, the materials used as applicable, a brief description of the submission.
  • A Cover Letter that includes your name, address, phone number, email address, how you heard about So to Speak, and brief bio describing your background as a writer or artist and any applicable awards or publications. 
  • A brief description of how you see your piece (implicitly or explicitly) fitting into our intersectional feminist mission.

 Please only submit once. Additional submissions beyond your first one will not be considered for publication. 

Read previous online issues here: http://sotospeakjournal.org/online-issues/.
Find more information on our Submission Guidelines here: http://sotospeakjournal.org/guidelines/.
Find more information on our Mission Statement here: http://sotospeakjournal.org/about-so-to-speak/