$12.00 USD

Our Spring 2019 Issue of So to Speak is available for purchase! The work in this issue was selected by judges Pam Houston (Fiction), Sandy Allen (Nonfiction), Victoria Chang (Poetry), and Erin Silver (Art). 

From the issue's Letter from the Editor, written by Editor-in-Chief Alexandria Petrassi: 

At every turn, the pieces in this issue strike at the systems that seek to oppress them with such a force that only art can conjure. Their tool of choice? Interrogation. They interrogate everything from the traditional family structure, to racial discrimination and tokenizing, to physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse, to a cruel and corrupt prison system, to harmful conceptions of gender, and more. In the wake of the interrogation comes revelation. And in the wake of revelation comes the rough edges of a vision — one in which the world is reformed, we recognize our bodies’ resemblance and connection to the natural world, in which people live and love however they see fit, and all people can feel equally safe, supported, and financially stable. 

The cover features multi-colored intersecting angles on the cover. (Look below for a sneak peek.) The cost is $12. You will also receive two complimentary back issues and a limited-edition broadside, while supplies last. Please fill in the shipping information on the following pages to complete your order. Thank you for supporting So to Speak

So to Speak's 2019 Spring Issue Cover: Multi-colored intersecting lines.  

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