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Our Spring 2020 Issue of So to Speak is available for purchase as a digital PDF for $3.00! The work in this issue was selected by judges Anita Felicelli (Fiction), Angela Pelster (Nonfiction), t'ai freedom ford (Poetry), and Sarah Irvin (Art).   From the issue's Letter from the Editor, written by Editor-in-Chief Kristen Greiner: The works within these pages turn preconceived notions on their heads. They push back against prejudice, dismantle oppressive power structures, and strive to create agency in situations where it often isn’t found. From familial bonds to significant others, relationship dynamics are challenged and explored in new and exciting ways. The implications of violence, the traumas it creates, and its impacts on society permeate the pieces in this issue. They can be hard to read and hear, but do not look away; it is important to shine a light on these matters. I am thankful that our contributors examine them in such thoughtful and compelling ways.

So to Speak cover preview 

You can also purchase a print version of the issue for an extra $7! 

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